Central City Menus

Speaking of centerpieces, Central City Tap Houses Pizzas come from our wood-fired pizza oven which runs at about 650 degrees. Perfect for a thin, crispy pizza. The pizza dough, made from scratch takes advantage of yeast in all it's glory (much like the beer in this place) because it is made with a sourdough. Perfectly fermented to give rise and taste to the crust. It bakes and bites like a cracker on the crust, but its still tender in the middle. We cook our PRIME BEEF burgers on a wood-fired grill and they are juicy perfection with a flavor you won't find at other restaurants.

 And then there are the Frites ... "fresh cut potatoes are cooked twice, first they are oil blanched and then they are fried for a crispy European style fry."  Try them with truffle oil and parmesan cheese. Be careful though, they can be addicting!

We also take great pride in providing our guests with both great vegetarian and gluten free options (we even have gluten free draft selections). We think we make deviled eggs that would make your grandmother jealous. Our bread boards paired with cheeses, meats or spreads are the perfect pairing for either beer or wine. We have food for all palates and our menu is scratch-made... inspired from local and international pub food traditions. In the same way that we are committed to better beverages, we are committed to better pub food.


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